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Chartered by an act of the General Assembly in 1994. The Board is comprised of leaders in the fields of science and technology and representatives of public and private universities, businesses, and the public. The charged by law with being a focal point for creating better ways businesses can interface with universities in order to solve technical and productivity issues; for bringing more research funding and emphasis to universities, especially involving the life sciences, information technology and advanced manufacturing; and for creating and managing a system to transfer new discoveries into the marketplace in order to create companies and jobs. The work of the is guided by its 2005 Strategic Plan, which is the first in the organization’s history. The is embarking on an effort to raise the level of awareness among policymakers and the public as to the connections between a strong economy and key investments in developing new technologies that can be used by businesses and entrepreneurs.

Research Alliance(RA)

The Research Alliance, or “RA”, is an affiliate of the and was a “new alliance between business and universities…. to coordinate research and provide more access to technology for businesses.” Whose charter calls for the establishment of a research alliance, and the Department of Economic Development convened the senior research officers in universities that sponsor active research and development programs.  Since that time, the have adopted a strategic plan and have built new collaborative research initiatives among the institutions; initiated a process to streamline technology transfer from in member university laboratories to commercial products; and assisted businesses in addressing technological problems through collaborative research projects.

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Minutes from Recent RA Meetings


Public notice is hereby given that the will meet in regular session on Wednesday, January 17, 2008 beginning at 2:00 p.m. The meeting will be held by teleconference.

RA Meeting:
Public notice is hereby given that the Research Alliance will meet in regular session on Wednesday, January 30, 2008 beginning at 10:00 a.m.
Portions of this meeting may be closed pursuant